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4-Ton Electric PK65556

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22-Ton Dual-Split

Size Your Log Splitter Based on Your Logs: You simply size your log splitter based on the widest logs in your woodpile.

For example, if you plan on splitting 10”diameter branches, a  4-ton log splitter will suffice.

On the other hand, if you plan on cracking 2’ long 2’ wide tree trunks, you’ll need a large 20-30 ton log splitter.

Naturally, harder woods - like oak, walnut and poplar - will require additional force.

Our chart will help you guesstimate how much force you'll need. It's not always accurate, but it's usually pretty darn close.
Green vs. Seasoned

Green Wood Requires a More Powerful Log Splitter. Freshly fallen wood is very moist and difficult to split. As wood ages, the moisture inside slowly evaporates, making it more brittle.As a result, older firewood splits and burns much easier.

If you plan on splitting green wood, you’ll need either a more powerful log splitter or some old-fashioned, inexpensive patience.

Gas Splitters


Everyone has an opinion and like opinions there are endless choices when deciding what wood splitter or splitters is right for your needs.

At Betst Products we offer you several choices and we hope that one will be just what you are looking for.

If you are looking to split firewood that is 10~12” in diameter and is generally 16~18” in length our 4-ton Electric will do the job when the wood is not one of the difficult to split varieties. If you are unsure about your woods hardness check its Janka Hardness.

Need to split larger diameter pieces of wood consider using our 7-Ton Power-Stroke electric for up to 18” diameter 16~18” lengths.

Due to lack of sales we I have been forced to discontinue our 15 and 20-Ton units. I never had a piece of wood that our 20-ton would not split.

We currently offer a 22-Ton Dual Split for those wanting the job done faster. On this unit there is no waiting for the ram to return before you can load the next piece. This unit splits wood on both the out stroke and the return stroke.

For those of you that need Brute Force we offer 27-Ton and 37-Ton Trailer mounted, Gas Power units that work in both horizontal and vertical configurations and include all the features that others charge extra for: log carriers, wood strippers, 4 ways wedges, dual speed Barnes Pumps, DOT tires and more.

If you have a tractor don’t forget to consider our 3-point mount tractor implement log splitters at value-leader.com.

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