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Snow Blowers & Snow Throwers

Do-it Fast, Do-it Easy! Pow’R’kraft

Snow Problem? No Problem! Not when you’re equipped with a hardworking, high-performance PowRkraft snow blower Packed with power and built to last, our snow blower can quickly clear driveways and sidewalks with ease. So whatever the winter weather throws at you, a PowRkraft Snow Thrower will clear the path.

How to choose your Snow Blower / Thrower

All snow blowers use a spinning auger to scoop up snow. Our single-stage snow blowers rely on a rubber-tipped auger to pick up snow, throw it, and help propel the machine, saving weight and bulk. You can lift them onto a deck or porch, but they also require pushing in deep snow—unlike our two-stage machines, which have driven wheels and a snow-slinging impeller. If your snow is normally a foot of less deep. A single stage will server you well. If you live where two-foot storms are common, and your area is large you’ll probably want our widest snow blower. If you get the two-foot snow storms, but your area is small or medium, the smaller two-stage model should be more than adequate.


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Getting started

The trend seems to be bigger, brawnier snow blowers. But you needn't buy the largest, widest model to get competent clearing. You'll find smaller, easier-handling machines for smaller driveways, and midsized models that can handle the occasional heavy storm. Large or hilly drieveways and consistently deep snow demand a larger snow blower with power-driven wheels, however. This may not be the right model for your needs.

Don't fall for sales pitches

Some manufacturers and retailers push big-name engines at the expense of other brands. But unit performance has more to do with the design of the snow blower itself than the engine that powers it.

Don't go by size alone

Bigger engines--typically expressed in cubic centimeters of piston displacement (ccs)--and wider clearing swaths size isn't everything when it comes to snow blowers. If you don’t get feet of snow, smaller machines can out-clear and out-throw the big boys for less money.

How to stay safe

Snow blowers cause thousands of finger injuries each year, including amputations, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Don't ever clear a clogged discharge chute or auger housing with your hand. Our machines come with a plastic clearing tool.

Besides snow, a snow blower--particularly a single-stage model--can pick up and throw ice, gravel, and other objects. Keep people and pets away when you're working. Wear hearing protection. Wait until a engine is cool before refueling. .

Heavy exertion and cold temperatures can also be a dangerous combination. Take frequent breaks to avoid overexertion. Seniors and people with hypertension, heart disease, or diabetes should consult a doctor before using a snow blower. If your driveway is especially long and two or more cars wide, consider having it plowed.

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