46″ ATV Pull Behind Flail Mower w/B&S 420cc Electric w/Mulching

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Extended 2 Year Warranty

Lift Gate Needed


The Value-Leader Flail Mower features changeable blade types for different types of mowing jobs. You do not need a Lawn Mower, a Field Mower and Trail mowers. Simply change the blades to the correct type for your job. With cutting width of 46″ the VL-AT120 flail mower can do the job quickly. Add it behind your lawn tractor or attach behind your ATV or tractor. If your area contains light brush like lots of trees twigs, field grasses and pine cones use the Mulching blades to cut vegetation up to 1″ in diameter. If you got field grass or tall lawn grass to mow use the standard “Y” blades. If you want to maintain your lawn similar to a grooming mower, sharpen the AT Mulching grass blades and cut your lawn. The finished cut will be similar to that of a lawn mower.

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69" x 68" x 36"

Cutting Width



507 lbs


16.5 x 6.5


420 cc Briggs & Stratton