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22-Ton Dual Split Log Splitter – B&S 208cc 24" Horz, 4"x24"Cyl 1


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Extended 2 Year Warranty

Lift Gate Needed?


  • Reliable, locally supported Briggs & Stratton Engine
  • Dead-man switch stops stroke when handle is released
  • Clear access to work area.
  • Solid box beam design eliminates twisting of knife
  • Long lasting high gloss powder coat finish
  • 22 tons of splitting force in both directions saves time
  • 11 gpm 3500 psi 2 stage pump
  • Maximum log length of 24 inches.
  • Log cradle/table prevents logs from falling off and aligns logs.
  • 4″ x 24″ cylinder
  • 7 second full splitting stroke
  • 2″ ball hitch couple
  • Highway towable with heavy steel fenders
  • Dot pneumatic tires

Our dual-action log splitters use a simple innovation to take big chuck of time out of log splitting projects. Ordinary splitters split in one direction only, forcing you to reverse the ram and wait until it returns to it’s starting point before you can load another log. But with two-direction splitting, that waiting game is gone.

Why Briggs and Stratton Engines?

In the PowRkraft line we only use Briggs and Stratton engines. The reason is the they’re not a throw away engine. If something happens like someone leaving fuel in the engine while in storage, parts and service are available. I recently called the engine manufacture that is being used on a competitors landscape sweeper and when I told them I needed to have their engine on my sweeper serviced they said it would be cheaper to purchase a new engine. I asked about local service location and they do not have any for consumer engines. I asked for a carburetor rebuild kit and since they do not have service centers they do not have service parts. They did say I could purchase a complete carburetor but they have no one that they can refer me to for changing the carburetor, or even to clean out the current carburetor.

  • Briggs and Stratton 950 Series 208cc Engine
  • 24 inch maximum log length
  • 7″ x 8″ 4-way splitting wedge with removable wings
  • 2-direction splitting wedge
  • 4 Gallon hydraulic reservoir
  • Full stroke time 7 seconds
  • 11 gpm 2 stage 3500 psi pump
  • Cylinder size 4″ x 24″
  • Towing up to 45 mph on 16″ DOT tires
  • Weight 445 lbs.

Unlike conventional log splitters, the LS22TD will split the wood in half the time. With this machine being a 2-way splitter, you are able to split up to a 24-inch log one direction and then another on the return. This truly is a time saving piece of equipment.



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