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Series 1100: PowRkraft Haulers move material faster and easier than wheelbarrows. Works in areas where you can't get full size equipment. Ideal for the construction, landscape and agriculture industries. Track drive units have large footprint for soft ground and will transfers materials up 25 degree grades. Narrow design allows Haulers to fit through doorways and around tight corners. Choose the 7.4 cu-ft Box bed with expandable / removable sides and end gate to quickly increase box size or convert to a flat bed or choose the 10 cu.-ft. material dumping box model. Both models have a 1100-lb. carrying capacity with hydraulic dumping system. Powered by 6.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine with worldwide support.


*Extend Sides for larger box or remove sides for Flatbed on Models PK9710 & PK9730

Series 660: Our versatile Haulers are easier and safer to use than a wheelbarrow. Move materials faster and easier than any standard wheelbarrow. Perfect for farms, landscaping, nurseries, parks, and backyard improvements. Track drive transfers material up grades as steep as 25 degrees, and narrow design allows them to fit through doors and around tight corners. Choose the 4 cu-ft (5.3 heaped) Box bed with expandable/removable sides and end gate to quickly increase box size or convert to a flat bed or the 5.6 cu.-ft. Dumping box. Both models have a 660-lb. carrying capacity with standard manual dumper. Powered by 6.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine with worldwide support.

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Hydraulic Dump 7.4 cu-ft* Model PK9730

Hydraulic Dumper
10 cu-ft Box
Model PK9735

Manual 4 cu-ft Dump Model PK9710*

Manual 5.6 cu-ft Dumper Box
Model PK9715

Hydraulic Dump
7.4 cu-ft
Model PK9730*

PK9710-Std. Bed PK9715-Dump Bed PK9730-Std. Bed PK9735-Dump Bed

The Perfect Garden Cart

Haulers are a multi use vehicle that will allow you to get your job done faster and easier.

Haulers are designed to be versatile and easy to use while they carry hundreds of pounds of material to areas that normally will require you to lug a wheelbarrow, wagon or similar unit.

All Hauler models have a track system that allows you to transverse over soft areas like sand or mud and go up hills as steep as 25 degrees. Haulers even take your load up steps.

When you get to your destination Haulers offer you the ability to dump your load, with your choice of a manual or hydraulic powered dump.

Haulers offer you the choice of an expandable material transfer box or a material dump box. The material box sides  are expandable for a larger load area when needed. The sides and end may be removed or dropped down for flat bed applications. The 1100 series Material Dump Box gives you up to 10 cubic feet of material volume without heaping the load. That is more than 1/3 yards of material per load.

To make the Haulers even more versatile you can change between box type if you order a second box.

Operation is very simple. You walk behind the unit as you control the speed and steering. Steering is controlled by individual hand levers. You have a hand clutch for movement that automatically applies a brake when it is released.

The Hauler will even go through standard residential doorways.

Haulers are Front Dumpers Muck Trucks, Mini-Transporters, Power Wheelbarrows and More!

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