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Designed to dramatically reduce your mowing time, the Value-Leader AT120 Multi-Purpose Flail mower attaches to ATV’s, lawn tractors and other utility vehicles to cut large lawns and meadows fast. It’s changeable blades allow you to cut your field, mulch your trimming or groom your lawn

The wide 46-inch mowing width deck is powered by a 420cc Briggs and Stratton OHV engine for the necessary power for every mowing job. The 46-inch wide full width rear discharge cutting deck not only cuts wide swaths it spreads the grass clippings out very evenly.

The offset adjustment is simple to use for mowing in ditches and cutting grass under low-hanging trees, cutting closer to or under objects. The floating deck design reduces scalping for professional mowing results, even on tricky terrain.

The unit comes with both “Y” blades and mulching blades. The “Y” blades are used for field mowing. Change to the optional mulching blade and you may even cut small diameter wooded materials like tree saplings in your field, sharpen the mulching blades (They are normally dull) and this mower may be used for lawn grooming mower.

The Value-Leader AT120  Flail mower is the ultimate time-saver for large lawns and fields with grass up to 8" in height. Get your mowing done faster, and get back to what makes your weekends fun and relaxing.

Forget about pulling on a starter cord in the hot sun with the electric start Value-Leader AT120E. The AT120E is equipped with a handy 12-volt key starter, so firing up the mower is a piece of cake, rather than a workout. You will have to buy the battery locally, as it is not included with the mower.

Take a cue from the pros and shave hours off your mowing time by attaching a tow-behind Flail mower to your Tractor Lawn, Tractor or ATV.

Brochure Manual VL-AT120 Towable Flail.pdf VL-AT Flail Manual.pdf

ATV-Pull Flail Mower

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Model VL-AT120E
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Key Features

● Powerful 420cc Briggs and Stratton Engine

● Wide 46” Mowing Width

● Changeable blade System for different types of mowing jobs.

● Offset able tongue for attachment behind lawn tractor.  

● Offset able tongue so you can get under trees and plants.

● Offset able tongue for mowing in ditches.

● Full width discharge spreads grass evenly.

● Floating deck design reduces scalping

● Comes with both Mulching blades and “Y” blades

● Mulching blades will chop up to 1” wooded materials

● Quick Crank deck height adjustment.

● Mowing Height from 0 to 6 inches by turning height control handle.

Four Foot Pull Behind Multi Purpose Mower

The Value-Leader Flail Mower features changeable blade types for different types of mowing jobs. You do not need a Lawn Mower, a Field Mower and Trail mowers. Simply change the blades to the correct type for your job.

With cutting width of 46” the VL-AT120 flail mower can do the job quickly. Add it behind your lawn tractor or attach behind your ATV or tractor.

If your area contains light brush like lots of trees twigs, field grasses and pine cones use the Mulching blades to cut vegetation up to 1” in diameter. If you got field grass or tall lawn grass to mow use the standard “Y” blades. If you want to maintain your lawn similar to a grooming mower, sharpen the AT Mulching grass blades and cut your lawn. The finished cut will be similar to that of a lawn mower.