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PK65556 7-Ton Electric Log Splitter


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PowRkraft 7-Ton offers you the speed of the 4-ton with the extra force of 7-Ton Power -Stroke on demand.  

There are many copies of our appearance, but none offer the size of our components. Don’t be fooled, competitors use smaller cylinders and more hydraulic force to reach their claimed force. Both shorten the life of the splitter.

The PowRkraft 7-Ton electric Splitter will plug into your standard 15 amp household receptacle and split those 12~18” diameter logs all day long.

Simply open the bleed valve, plug it in and split your wood.

Splitting with no engine noise or fuel odors allows you to operate your splitter indoors and split as needed  


Built to last and last and last!

PK65575 7-Ton Splitter

PK2960 7-Ton Stand

PK66515 4-Way Wedge

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                                                  Fully Assembled-Ready to Use

Motor:         Watts 1500 Watts / 2300 Watts

                    Motor Voltage 120-Volts AC 60Hz Single Phase

                    Motor Amperage/HP 15Amps-2HP~3HP

                    Power Cord Length 6'

                    Overload Protection Yes - w/Reset Switch
Maximum Log size: 20 Inches x Diameter 12 Inches (18 Inches Most Wood)

                    Maximum Splitting Stroke 15 Inches

                    Wedge Material Steel

                Wedge Size 5 - Inch

                Wedge Style 2 - Way Compound Angle

                    Replaceable Wedge Welded

                    Sharpenable Wedge Yes
                    Auto Return Yes

                    Splitting Force-Fast 4-Ton's (8,000lbs)-Power 7-Ton (14,000 lbs)
                    Weight 172lbs. (44.10 Kilograms)

                    42"L x 11"W x 20"H

Hydraulics  Hydraulic Filter Internal System

                    Hydraulic Oil Included Yes

                    Hydraulic Oil Type Hydrostatic Oil Type or 22wt.

                    Hydraulic Oil Reservoir Size .925 Gallon

                    Maximum Pump PSI 2,320 Lbs.

Hydraulic Filter Internal System

Hydraulic Oil Included Yes

Hydraulic Oil Type Hydrostatic Oil Type or 22wt.

Hydraulic Oil Reservoir Size .925 Gallon

Maximum Pump PSI 2,320 Lbs.

Splitting Force

Weight 172lbs. (79.55 Kilograms)

42"L x 11"W x 20"H

•  Auto 2 Speed Power -Stroke provides faster operation with 4-    Ton speed until 7-Ton force is needed.

•  Split’s 20” long by 12” diameter.  Most wood up to 18” diameter.

•  Ram Auto-Returns for the next piece.When you release controls

•  Heavy Duty Steel Construction  and Hydraulic Components.

•  Delivered Fully Assembled  Ready to use In-Door or Out- Door

•  Built in Ground Fault Interrupt  (GFI) protection

•  Uses Standard Household 15  amp Circuit

•  Built in handle and wheels for easy transport

•  2 Year Warranty

 Truck Hitch Receiver Stand
 Table Stand
 4-way wedge

Key Features
7-Ton Power-Stroke Electric Log Splitter

PowRkraft Power-Stroke 2 Speed 7-Ton Electric Log Splitter! There is no noise or harsh fumes to deal with, This log splitter can be used in the yard, in a shed, garage, or even in a basement.

•    Power-Stoke 7-Ton to begin split, faster 4-Ton to finish

•    Splits up to 20" logs

•    Two Hand operation keeps hands out of danger.

•    Delivered Fully Assembled and Ready to Use.

•    1,500/2300 watt electric motor runs on regular household        current

•    Ground fault breaker protects against overload

•    Consistent, convenient, and secure splitting every time.

Pow’R’kraft, The Original Electric Log Splitter!

2 Additional Years of Warranty for total of 4 years of Coverage. $50.00

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